The Fullerton Firefighter’s Association would like to announce our 6th annual Pinktober Event!

Since its inception, your Fullerton Firefighter’s have raised over $110,000 used to aid in Cancer research. Our 2017 slogan is “Rise Above Cancer”.

Meet Krista Draper


Krista has lived with breast cancer for over 7 years. In 2010, after seeing doctors for back pain, she was finally diagnosed with stage IV cancer during a visit to the Emergency Room.  Diagnosing was slow because she was young and did not fit the typical profile of someone with breast cancer.

Krista faces the daily challenges of treatment, in and out of chemotherapy, tests, scans, doctor appointments and dealing with the physical side effects of such strong medications.   She does all of this while also being a mother to her 8-year-old son, Ethan. Ethan has special needs and Krista oversees his schooling and homework, attending meetings, assessments and teacher conferences for Ethan.

Krista met the love of her life, Andrew, over 10 years ago and Ethan was born almost 2 years later. They looked forward to sharing life and starting a family.  Ethan was 18 months old when Krista was diagnosed. Andrew has been by her side throughout her treatment.  He currently works at WalMart, after struggling to find work that would allow him the flexibility and time to assist Krista with her many doctor appointments and care needs.

 Living with cancer for so long causes financial strain. Krista and her family live on a very tight budget, with little funds left after paying rent and utilities.  Breast Cancer Angels has been instrumental in assisting with monthly expenses, so that Krista and Andrew can have time with their son, as a family. More importantly, having adequate financial help ensures that Krista can continue with her treatment and continue to fight her cancer and be part of her son's life.

This year Krista is our sponsor and we will be donating to the charity of her choice which is Breast Cancer Angels. The money donated will come from the sales of men’s t-shirts, women’s v-neck t-shirts, youth t-shirts, Flex Fit and Trucker style hats, beanies and car decals. Personal donations are also gladly accepted. All items can be purchased at Fullerton Fire Station 5, online at www.fullertonfirefighters.org and ffdpinkproject.org or at selected events throughout the month. We are again proud to announce our PINKED OUT FIRE ENGINE. This Pink Fire Engine will serve as a rolling tribute to anyone currently battling cancer, anyone who has beaten cancer, and in remembrance of those who have lost the battle to cancer. We will be allowing those affected to sign the Pink Fire Engine showing their support with a common goal. With your help, we will all come one step closer to finding a cure for this terrible disease. It’s time to come together and find a cure to rid the world of all cancers. Join your Fullerton Firefighter’s Association in the battle against cancer!

About Us: We are Members of the Fullerton Firefighters Association dedicated to raising cancer awareness through community outreach.


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